Continuing Medical Education systems evolve independently in each European state. The collection of CME credits is currently more important in some European states than others.



The purpose of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) is the harmonisation and improvement of the quality of specialist medical care in Europe.


To facilitate the recognition of CME credits awarded to doctors attending events outside of their home country by the medical authorities within their home state, UEMS set up in January 2000 a clearing-house system for CME credits - the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).

Learn more about the EACCME by the the EACCME system.

Agreement between UEMS/EACCME and ACOE

In 2007, a mutual agreement was signed between the UEMS/EACCME and ACOE. Under the terms of this agreement, all applications in the field of Oncology will be evaluated by ACOE in terms of quality and independence of the CME events.

This agreement was reviewed in January 2013 consequently to the new criteria for the accreditation of live events adopted by the UEMS (UEMS 2013/30).

Under this new agreement, applications for EACCME accreditation for European and International CME events in the field of oncology are exclusively made to the UEMS office via its online application system and EACCME will submit all eligible applications in the field of Oncology for their evaluation to ACOE.

Please click here to download the UEMS/EACCME - ACOE agreement.


Mutual Recognition of CME credits - Overview of the situation

To grant European CME credits to an event, the EACCME will ask the competent national authority where the event takes place to evaluate the quality of the event in parallel to the evaluation performed by ACOE.

Once this evaluation is performed and the event approved by the competent national authority as well as ACOE, the event is granted European CME credits.

Since the UEMS-EACCME  is an institution of the UEMS which formally represents European countries, its credits are recognised by National Accreditation Authorities in Europe. As UEMS-EACCME accreditation concerns only EU-wide and international CME-CPD activities, it is not competitive but rather complementary to the competence and activities of National Accreditation Authorities.

The list of the European countries having signed an agreement with the UEMS on the automatic mutual recognition of CME credits and therefore participating in the EACCME system is available on the UEMS EACCME website, when applying online for the accreditation of live events.

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